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A columnist of heart and mind
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Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's gamble

The pundits are fond of saying that the vice presidential candidates don't make much difference in presidential elections, but this time could be different.
To put it crassly, the odds of a president dying in office are getting shorter and shorter.
For almost 150 years, we had presidents dying every 20 years: Harrison in 1841, Taylor in 1850, Lincoln in 1865, Garfield in 1886, McKinley in 1901, Harding in 1923, Roosevelt in 1945 and Kennedy in 1963.
But it's been 45 years since the last time. And this year both presidential candidates are at risk: Obama because of the ever-present threat of assassination, and McCain because of his age. At 72, he would be the oldest president ever elected; and because of the torture he suffered during the Vietnam war he's probably older, medically speaking, than his chronological age.
So it behooves the electorate to take a closer look than usual at the vice presidential candidates this time because one of them very well could end up in the White House.
On one hand, you have Joe Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee and former chairman of the Judiciary Committee, which gives him great expertise in two of our most urgent problems: America's isolation in the world community and the politicization of the justice system. Whatever you think of him, he clearly has the gravitas to step into the top spot if, God forbid, it becomes necessary.
And Sarah Palin? Someone who has been in office for only two years? With zero experience in national or foreign affairs? Does anyone really think she'd be ready for that 3 a.m. phone call?
It's clearly a cynical attempt to appeal to disgruntled Hillary voters. But I think even Republican women will be offended by McCain's implicit assumption that any female candidate, no matter how lightweight, will do.


Don said...

I don't think Palin is lightweight - but she has some very disturbing bagagge:
1. What of "family values" - would a family person run for vice president with a infant child and 4 others as well. Is this a "Rosemary's Baby" thing where the child will be raised by McCain's own Roman Castavet (played by Karl Rove)...?
2. What of social integrity - would the firing of State Patrol Officer who just happened to be an ex- brother-in-law have made the 'Publicans upset with, say Bill Clinton...you bet it would. They should investigate her with the same vigor - doubt it !!
3. What about sense of calling? She had a good start at ferreting out the 'Publican wood rot in Alaska, but I think she promised and owes her state some more time, especially since Ted"Show-Me-the-Money" Stevens is out on bail to run for re-election.

Don said...

oops! "bagagge: (Fr.) is the bagg one uses at the market to carry home a head of "cabagge" or a couple "bagetttes".

Don said...

And on 3d thought she is too a lightweight. She wants eliminate teaching evolution in the schools, and is staunchly anti-abortion, which no matter what one feels personally IS the law of the land and should, especially in Alaska be recognized as part of the right of an individual to make one's own choices.

JJ Soteria said...

And Sarah Palin? Someone who has been in office for only two years? With zero experience in national or foreign affairs? Does anyone really think she'd be ready for that 3 a.m. phone call?

You're writing this about Barry, right?!

She is more qualified to be President than the still, unknown democrat selection of Barack Hussein Obama. If the Dinosaur media would spend just a fraction of the time investigating Barry's background that they spent on Governor Palin, maybe we could actually hear about "change"...